Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Eagle Press

Welcome to the Fairfield School Newspaper. Each week a new link will be posted here to access the school newspaper.

The paper staff is made up of an editor - Mrs. Giles, an assistant editor - Adeline Hahn, and four staff members - Trace Gulick, Walker Heckman, Ryder Meyer, and Taylor Pearson. These five students contribute an article each week and do most of the editing. All class members contribute an article to the newspaper.

The newspaper covers each class k-12, as well as sports in high school, junior high, and elementary, clubs, feature articles, and other interesting events. Students and staff are spotlighted, and upcoming events are posted. The newest edition will be posted at the top, and older editions will stay below. Theoretically, each new edition will be posted on Fridays. In the event of late articles, the paper may show up over the weekend or on Monday :).

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